Our Luxposé reports (from the words “luxury” and “exposé”) are quarterly information and inspiration tools designed for all professionals within the premium and luxury markets, from the top management to the operational teams. Keeping a permanent eye on the luxury industry allows us to deliver a detailed report:

observing all the activities in the luxury categories, professional publications and trade events,
selecting and analysing different information, putting it into perspective thanks to our experts in semiotics, strategic marketing, brand and product design, communication, etc.
editing a quarterly report featuring a refined and unique layout in order to convey the luxury ‘look & feel”.


– Brief news
– Trade shows
– Facts & figures
– Brand activities: products & packaging /communication & events / digital experiences / retail & merchandising / detailed focusé
– Look & Feel (cross-trends)
– Clin d’œil (worth watching) et coup de cœur (love at first sight)

+ Special category focus on demand
+ Extra personalized content depending on expectations and fees.

Interested in our reports ?

Our Luxposé report are available on an annual subscription base included:
– 4 Luxposé reports
– personalized presentations to further investigate the major themes of the quarter and develop your team’s ability to maximise them within an innovation process.

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