Brand platfeform, naming and packaging creation (shape and graphic design) for Victorinox’s new feminine fragrance. Ella is the feminine alter-ego of Victorinox iconic fragance : Swiss Unlimited.

The name and the main claim ’embrace the word’ are a tribute to Ella Maillard, the famous Swiss globetrotter. The iconic red shell has been reinvented into a pink protective soft-touch sleeve, adorned with a seamless pattern of the Swiss cross. And to be as functional as its masculine model, it features an built-in makeup mirror. The carabiner hook has turned into a more elegant wrist strap. The spray wheel has been replaced by a more elegant on/off-closure system integrating a pink translucent retractable pack.

Victorinox ELLA has been awarded in 2015 by a Swiss Packaging Award and in 2016 by 3 WorldStar Packaging Awards.

Reknown for its famous Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox also produces many others products dedicated to celebrate the Swiss Way of Life all over the world : timepieces, fragrances, clothes and travel gear.

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